Benefits of bylaws explicitly built for your property
  • If your bylaws have not been updated in some time, they are likely inadequate or may not address your specific and changing concerns. The Legislation changes over time, and so should your bylaws.
  • Good bylaws are like insurance; you don’t need them until you need them.
  • Some bylaws do not work for every property and are too general or not practical. Good bylaws tailored to your specific property will give you the ability to manage issues and problems quickly and effectively.
  • Bylaw enforcement depends on the language used in the bylaws, and your ability to efficiently manage your property relies on a sound and comprehensive set of bylaws.
  • A complete and current set of bylaws will help unit owners understand what responsibilities and powers the condominium board have and what duties and powers the unit owners have.
  • One legal challenge to an incomplete, poorly written, or dated set of bylaws can cost more than the cost to update your bylaws. Managing a property with poorly written bylaws can cost the corporation time and money.
  • Good bylaws help protect your property values and the use and enjoyment of your property.
Value and benefits of using a consultant
  • The condominium corporation will save time, resources, and money.
  • The consultant will minimize the cost of reviewing draft documents and legal fees.
  • The bylaw committee will have more opportunities to ask questions and seek advice while minimizing costs.
  • seek advice while minimizing costs. The corporation will receive step-by-step guidance and support from the consultant from start to finish.
  • The consultant will work with you and your unit owners to fully understand what you want in your bylaws. The bylaws will say what the unit owners want them to say and address your concerns.
  • The consultant will recommend options for individual bylaws to give you choices and make your bylaws stronger so you can address the unique requirements of your property.
  • Recommendations for additional bylaws that are missing in your current bylaws will be provided so that you can manage your property more efficiently and effectively.
  • You will have the help you need to build bylaws that the Unit Owners easily understand. Less legal-speak where possible. We will future-proof your bylaws to avoid costly changes when the Condominium Property Act is updated.