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                                                                       Gary Caouette - Consultant

Twenty-five years of business experience will ensure reliable, competent, efficient, and professional support to your condominium corporation.
I have Completed or attended numerous Condominium Industry training and education courses and seminars.
Twenty years of condominium ownership and Ten years of condo Board experience as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Director assure you that I understand your challenges and I will help you build a set of bylaws that is right for you.
Relevant Education and Training Completed
  • Five years of Military Service with the Canadian Armed Forces
  • An Honors Business Management Diploma from N.A.I.T
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - CM101 Directors Education
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - Introductory Financial Management and Successful Budgeting
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - CM100 Fundamental Management Principles
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - CM200 Practical Management Principles
Continuous Education and Seminars about everything Condominium
  • Canadian Condominium Institute Northern and Southern Alberta: 

    WEBINARS - Condo Owner Essentials, EV Charging, What's going on up there? (roofs)

    FIRESIDE CHATS - Legal costs for condo corps, Business Partner Networking, Condo Business Connections

    TRADE SHOWS - Alberta Condominium Expo

  • Condo Owners Forum Alberta:

    WEBINAR CONDO CHATS - Ask a Lawyer, Dispute Resolution, Reducing Risk-Insurance, Understanding Condo Insurance, Self-Managing your condo

  • Alberta Law Firms:

    WEBINARS - Condominium Law, Financial Responsibilities of Condo Corporations, Warranties and Deficiencies-Navigating the Leaky Condo, Legal and Financial Health Check-up for Business Owners,

How I got Here!
Ten years ago, I decided to give back to my condominium community after ten years of benefiting from the work of volunteer board members; It was time to do my share. I was elected to the board of directors and began to see the many projects that required the board’s attention. One of our many projects to undertake was the revision of our bylaws which were twenty years old and had not been updated during that time.
It was challenging trying to get this essential but enormous task underway. We tried to get the project going several times but were always met with delays and resource issues that stretched over many years. We just put the work aside, as there was always something more urgent to deal with, and we lacked a good understanding of the best way to proceed.
Finally, the time came when we could dedicate the resources to get the project underway. The volunteer bylaw committee began working away but struggled to make meaningful progress as time went on. Without the specialized experience necessary for updating bylaws, the committee was not able to complete a set of draft bylaws that was comprehensive enough to take forward in the process. We had to start over.
While working with the committee on the second attempt to update our bylaws, I discovered that information is available if you knew where to find it and knew what you needed to do with it, but this was time-consuming, and you were never really sure you had everything you needed. I knew that there must be a better way.
After discussing our challenges with various industry professionals, I concluded that we should have sought specialized help to guide us. There is some industry help available, but more support is required.
I then decided to become the support I needed and did the work required to become knowledgeable on updating bylaws. I now offer this support as a consultant to other condominium corporations. ........... Bylaw Consultants was born!
At the start of April 2022, I added Condominium Board Member Consulting to my list of Services I can offer clients. Any area(s) of Board member duties and responsibilities can be covered in general scope to specific topics.
At the End of October 2023, I added Condominium Pre-Purchase Document Reviews to my list of Services I can offer clients. 
There is much more to buying a condo then most purchasers realize. We will review the reserve fund, condominium contributions (fees), corporation financials, bylaws, rules, unit owner responsibilities, unit owner restrictions, bord of directors, condominium management, and the condominium community.